Message to visitors arriving while Covid19 restrictions apply.

Special measures are required to permit self-catering holidays to continue. These are the implications for Carn Towan and reflect advice or instruction from various agencies; some are therefore mandatory upon owners, cleaning staff and visitors.

Arrival and departure: Mandatory extra cleaning must be carried out between lets and time must be allowed for special cleaning fluids to dry. Therefore visitors may not enter the properties before 5pm on the day of arrival and must clear the property by 9am on the day of departure. Normally the times are 3pm and 10am respectively. Please consider taking comfort breaks on your journey if you think you will arrive early. It is possible to leave bags in the office where we have cleared extra space. PLEASE pack your used sheets and towels in the laundry bag supplied so that the cleaners will not need to handle them before sending to the laundry (where , like yours, they will be washed at 60 degrees so will be safe for the next visitors).

Essential and non-essential items: Some inessential items normally found in the property have been removed for the time being, including books, games, maps, coasters, table mats, etc. Also cushions and throws will be removed; however they will be available from the Office, individually wrapped – if you take these please leave them in the property so they can be collected, cleaned and put aside for the appropriate length of time (or you may wish to bring your own). Since all crockery and cutlery must be cleaned between lets only sufficient items for one dishwasher load will be available.

Sanitising and cleaning: As well as the special procedures the cleaners will employ there will be additional cleaning fluids left for visitors use. Standard items such as soaps, detergents, etc. will be in unused packs for each visit. I’m sure you understand the reasons for these measures and we’re sorry for the inconvenience of the changed time in particular. Please call our housekeeping manager, Wendy (07533 331727), if you have any questions or problems during your visit. Or call me.

Thank you,

Nick Toeman
07971 106750