Booking Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of the contract you accept when booking with us.

Booking and payment

When you receive confirmation of your booking you must check the details carefully. If anything is incorrect or unclear you must tell us immediately. Formal communications, such as confirmations or receipts may be by letter or e-mail.

When you make or request a booking we will make a reservation for you if the period you choose is available. However your booking will only be confirmed when we have received and cleared your deposit. We will then issue a receipt and a contract will exist between us, subject to these conditions. If you do not receive a confirmation/receipt you must contact us to ensure the booking has been processed correctly.

You must pay the balance due at least two months prior to the start of your holiday. If you book less than two months before you are due to arrive you must pay the full amount straightaway.


The price quoted is for the cottage, not per person, but pets are charged in addition. However we do ask you to tell us the expected composition of your party (number of adults, children, infants and pets) and whether any cots, high chairs, etc. are required. If the party details change, please let us know – there is no problem with changing the party, up to the stated occupancy for your cottage, but you must have our agreement for any extra people or pets and there may be an additional charge. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Cancellations and changes

We do not expect to make any changes to your booking but if a problem occurs requiring a change or cancellation we will contact you and explain as soon as reasonably practicable, by telephone if possible. If the change is significant we will offer a full refund, or an alternative date if acceptable to you. Minor changes that we could not reasonably expect to affect your booking may instead result in the offer of a partial refund or other agreed compensation. We try to ensure that the information we provide is accurate but we are always seeking to make improvements and occasionally problems may arise that require changes or restrictions.

Cancellation policy
If you have to cancel for any reason we will try to re-let the period of your booking. If successful we will repay you what we receive from the new booking (this could be less than you paid if we have to offer a discount, so let us know as soon as possible). Alternatively you may find others to take your place. No refund is guaranteed, therefore and you might wish to consider your own holiday insurance.

Arrival and departure times

To allow sufficient time for cleaning you can occupy your cottage any time after 3:00 pm on the start date of your holiday and you must leave by 10:00 am on the last day. You may enquire of our housekeeper/manager whether an earlier start or later departure time is possible or whether a room can be made available to leave some of your property for a period but this is solely their decision.

If you do arrive early there is plenty of car park space so you can leave your vehicle and explore the area while the cottage is made ready.


We employ professional cleaners and do not expect you to do their jobs. However, all members of your party must agree to keep the property reasonably clean and tidy and to leave it in a similar condition as you found it on arrival.

You must not use the property for commercial purposes or sub-let it or let anyone stay there not previously accepted by us. Let us know if you wish to change the composition of your party, this will usually be agreed.

You are responsible for the costs of any damage caused by any of your party along with any additional costs that may result. We will not charge for most mishaps provided you tell us as soon as possible so that we have an opportunity to repair or replace anything quickly. If you leave us to discover the problem after you leave we will not be as sympathetic, please remember that it may affect the next visitors too. We may have specialist chemicals to deal with any stains or spillages. If we reasonably believe that damage to the property or nuisance to other visitors is likely to be caused or has been caused we may refuse entry or repossess the property.

Electric vehicle charging is not permitted at the property.

We have substantial public liability insurance in case of fault or negligence by us but you must safeguard your own personal property.


If you take a pet with you it is not allowed on beds or chairs or in bedrooms and it may be helpful to bring a throw or ask us to provide one, especially if the pet is liable to shed hair. Please remember that Carn Towan is popular with families that include small children and we ask that you pick up any fouling made by your pets in the gardens - most owners are very good about this.

Pets must not be left alone in the property and must be kept on a lead* within the gardens. [*If you are sure your pet is well behaved and does not actually cause a nuisance we are happy to waive the latter requirement.]

Some owners cannot believe that their pets’ behaviour might vary away from home. Remember that you may be behaving differently and they may encounter unusual wildlife or other things that excite them or eat something strange. We have relatively few problems with pets but when they occur they can be serious. If, for example, your pet fouls the carpet we expect you to clean it up but you must also tell us about such accidents. You are used to living with your pet and may not notice what is obvious to others.

Registered guide and hearing dog owners do not require our permission to handle their dogs as they normally would at home.


We try to ensure you will have an enjoyable holiday but if you have any cause for complaint let us or our housekeeper/manager know immediately so that we can try to rectify or ameliorate the problem. If the problem is transient we may not be able to investigate it later.